Owen ... expansion focus

Owen ... expansion focus

Owen to oversee GP Global expansion


GP Global, an integrated energy services provider, is expanding its trading operations to the Americas with the appointment of Gene Owen as President of Trading.

With a network of trading offices stretching across London, Rotterdam, Dubai, Mumbai and Singapore, complemented by representatives in Houston, Lagos, Dar el Salaam, Nairobi, Delhi and Shanghai, its expansion to the Americas will provide GP Global with an even greater reach in key strategic locations across the globe.

Owen joins GP Global from Bomin Bunker Oil Corp, where he held the position of President and CEO for the last eight years, and brings with him a wealth of experience in the bunkering and trading sectors.

Reporting to the company’s senior management in Rotterdam and based out of Houston, Texas, his new role at GP Global will see him focusing on building a talented local team, establishing significant relationships and utilising his critical regional market insight to drive new opportunities for the Company across the Americas.

The appointment of Owen will also further bolster GP Global’s international Bunker and Trading division which is currently headed up by Chris Todd, West of the Suez and Anil Keswani, managing the same portfolio East of the Suez.

Commenting on the appointment, GP Global’s Jt Managing Director, Prerit Goel, says: "The appointment of Gene Owen to head our operations in the Americas is an exciting milestone for our company and an important step as we seek to cement our presence as a leading player in the industry. The industry leadership and in-depth local knowledge he brings to the role will help us accelerate our capabilities to a whole new market and we look forward to working together towards achieving our long-term strategic goals for GP Global."

Chris Todd, Head of Bunkering, West of the Suez at GP Global, adds: "As we seek to expand our geographic footprint and leverage strategic opportunities in the global trading market, making strategic hires is key. This is a very exciting time for GP Global and we believe Gene will make a fantastic addition to our global team."

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