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Nasser ... non-conventional gas focus

Nasser ... non-conventional gas focus

Jafurah marks start of unconventional era

Saudi Aramco will spend $110 billion to develop the Jafurah gas field project in the Eastern Province—the largest unconventional non-associated gas field in the kingdom running 170 km long and 100 km wide.

The volume of gas resources in the field is estimated at 200 trillion cu ft of rich raw gas, which will provide a valuable feedstock for the petrochemical and metallic industries.

Saudi Aramco Board Chairman Yasser bin Othman Al Rumayyan said the development of Jafurah was expected to enhance the company’s position in the global energy sector, and help achieve its goal of being the world’s pre-eminent integrated energy and chemicals company.

Aramco President and CEO Amin Nasser said the development of Jafurah was meant to support the company’s diverse resources and the kingdom’s economic development.

Saudi Aramco said it expects the field’s production, to commence early 2024, to reach approximately 2.2 billion standard cu ft per day of sales gas by 2036, with an associated approximately 425 million standard cu ft per day of ethane, representing about 40 per cent of current production.

The company also expects the field to produce approximately 550,000 barrels per day of gas liquids and condensates, he added.

Jafurah will contribute $20 billion to the annual gross domestic product, with $8.6 billion in net income annually and thousands of direct and indirect job opportunities.

Aramco has drilled 150 wells since 2013 in the Jafurah shale gas field to prepare the development plan, reported Reuters.

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