Saudi Vision 2030

Transformation at a swift pace

Rapid changes in the income diversification in the Saudi economy are a milestone in the indicators of the thorough transformation of the industrial sector represented by Vision 2030 announced by the State and included a myriad of programmes and initiatives.

What can be wagered on in this respect is the change in the traditional patterns prevailing since the inception of the kingdom, whose main engine was oil. This does not tarnish that phase because the State by the time was under construction as focus was on infrastructure in all development sectors, let alone the numerous difficulties of transformation from a society that depends entirely on jobs and services provided by the State.

One other important thing in this connection is the readiness of Saudi citizens to have access into the essence of this transformation, especially that fulfilling their life necessities and personal goals is the key objective of any development plan or administrative or economic reform programmes.

The entertainment industry, which has become one of the most remarkable features of the economic transformation industry in the kingdom, has gone shortly through the stage of paperwork and become part of the engines of the process of diversifying the national income sources at the same pace in which the interests of Saudi households transformed inward in search of entertainment.

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