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Cutting-edge technological advances

Cutting-edge technological advances

Sulzer continues to expand mass transfer offerings

 A comprehensive service is the backbone of Sulzer’s industry-leading support to customers. Sulzer’s customer proximity achieved through global presence and its qualified personnel ensure maximum plant uptime and efficiency

As oil prices keep fluctuating, refineries and integrated petrochemical complexes need to continuously increase their competitiveness, which is also stated by Saudi Vision 2030. This is where Sulzer, as a well-established one-stop-shop for the design, manufacture, installation, repair and maintenance of mass transfer technologies, can contribute immensely. In addition, the company’s recent acquisition of GTC Technology US, further strengthens Sulzer’s capabilities and leadership role in delivering key technologies for the refinery and downstream sector, e.g. to produce aromatic compounds and other petrochemicals.

Middle Eastern oil refineries and other downstream processing plants are currently challenged to diversify their production whilst improving their process performance in order to increase their competitiveness and meet global demands. Sulzer Chemtech, the market leader in separation and mixing technology, has been helping the oil and gas industry address these issues and support the optimisation of integrated petrochemical complexes with a vast and comprehensive offering for over 50 years.

With the acquisition of GTC, a technology company offering proprietary processes and systems for the production of aromatics and other petrochemicals, Sulzer has expanded its portfolio with a number of cutting-edge technologies for the petrochemical and refining sectors that can support refineries to broaden their offering. These new competencies will complement the high-performance and reliable solutions for refinery and downstream operations provided by Sulzer’s Separation Technology (ST) group.


Sulzer’s separation systems include feed inlet devices, coalescers, conventional and high-performance trays, structured and random packings as well as other column internals. In addition, Sulzer can design and deliver distillation units and process plants that maximise product quality and performance as well as address specific customer needs.

Each piece of equipment is carefully designed and tested, to ensure suitability and optimum performance. The application-based knowledge and expertise of Sulzer’s staff support the extensive feasibility studies, computer-based simulations and testing conducted in the company’s world class facilities that contribute to ensuring guaranteed plant performance.

Ramann S., Director of Sales at Sulzer Chemtech Middle East, explains: 'Cutting-edge technological advances are at the heart of Sulzer. We ensure that our customers can benefit from the high-efficiency, reliability and performance that these new solutions offer.'


Once the ideal solution has been developed, refineries and petrochemical complexes can also benefit from state-of-the-art, dedicated engineering services for its installation and maintenance. Quick turnaround and minimal downtime are ensured at all times, even in large and challenging projects, thanks to Sulzer’s advanced capabilities, trained manpower and global presence. For example, the possibility to offer innovative installation solutions that can help minimise downtime during a shutdown or reduce onsite working time in a green field installation.

Sulzer’s offerings

Sulzer’s Tower Field Services (TFS) group also offers extended scope for repair, maintenance and revamp services that lengthen the equipment’s operational life while removing bottlenecks and intensifying the entire process by increasing capacity, productivity and efficiency. In particular, customers can rely on cutting-edge welding processes, including CladFuse automated weld overlay technology to restore the functionalities of existing apparatuses, such as vessels, towers and boilers, and increase their corrosion resistance.

Nitin Gaikwad, Head of Sulzer TFS India and Middle East, comments: 'Offering industry-leading installation, maintenance, repair and revamp services is a continuation of Sulzer’s commitment to deliver an optimal service to our customers. Our customer proximity achieved through global presence and our qualified personnel ensure maximum plant uptime and efficiency, even when dealing with extremely challenging project schedules.'

By choosing Sulzer, refineries and other petrochemical processing industries can reap the benefits of a single point of contact for their mass transfer needs. Ramann and Gaikwad conclude: 'Our goal is to meet the needs of our customers from initial conceptualisation of process units and plants to their start-up. This is why we are committed to provide a comprehensive array of cutting-edge equipment, technologies and services.'

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