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NAQEL presenting logistics solutions for the aviation sector during an Air Show in Riyadh

NAQEL presenting logistics solutions for the aviation sector during an Air Show in Riyadh

NAQEL: Unleashing industry specific logistics solutions

For the oil and gas sector, the company has implemented customised ‘end-to-end’ transportation solution where shipments are consolidated, sorted and transported to client’s customers across remotest locations within Saudi Arabia

While Saudi Arabia is embarking upon its Vision 2030 mandate to transform the country into a leading industrial powerhouse and a global logistics hub, NAQEL Express is playing an important role in fulfilling its obligations as the country’s leading logistics player.

While stretching its wings across major economies in the Middle East, NAQEL has positioned itself as the ‘one-stop shop’ logistics service provider covering a wide range of service offering through its three business divisions: a. Express Division – delivering light and heavy weight shipments for B2B customers across Gulf Countries; b. e-Commerce and Courier Division – primarily delivering B2C shipments from various retailers around the world to millions of individual online shoppers in the Middle East and c. Logistics Solutions Division – offering customised and industry specific solutions for companies across a range of industrial sectors.

Saudi Arabia is witnessing a major economic transformation with the advent of major investment projects in the manufacturing, mining, pharmaceutical, aviation and oil and gas sectors, says Rajeeb Chowdhury, Chief of Planning & Customer Service, NAQEL Express.

In order to meet the growing logistics requirements in these sectors, NAQEL’s Solutions division has unleashed wide ranging services to cater to the specific requirements of companies in those sectors. The company is offering seamless ‘end-to-end’ logistics solutions from international origins to any location in Saudi Arabia where NAQEL handles customs clearance using its own facilities in Dammam, Jeddah and Riyadh airports and distribute those shipments using its own distribution network across the kingdom, he says.

NAQEL’s distribution network comprises more than 3,500 vehicles and trailers delivering shipments of all sizes and weights including pallets, LTL (Less Than Truck Load) and FTL (Full Truck Load). It currently offers freight, warehousing and customised logistics solutions for majors companies in the key industrial sectors covered by Saudi Arabia’s ambitious Vision 2030 programme called NDLIP - National Industrial Development and Logistics Programme.


For the oil and gas sector, NAQEL has implemented customised ‘end-to-end’ transportation solution where shipments of all sizes originating from sea ports and airports and client’s warehouses are consolidated, sorted and transported to client’s customers across remotest locations within Saudi Arabia, he points out.

This is further backed up by NAQEL’s indigenously developed software solution which integrates client’s material database and transportation system with its own tracking solution in order to provide clear visibility and control of shipments movement for its clients.


NAQEL is currently delivering specialised supply chain solutions to meet the catering requirements of local airlines in the kingdom. Besides, it also offers a range of logistics solutions to support aviation maintenance, repair and overhaul of aircraft and transportation of critical and emergency spare parts from international origins as a part of its AOG – ‘Aircraft on Ground’ Services. NAQEL provides Road Feeder Services to move bonded cargo through the road network from one airport to another on specialised roller bed trailers.


NAQEL has implemented integrated transportation solutions for home delivery of medicines to patients in coordination with major hospitals and pharmacies. The company has invested in setting up dedicated temperature controlled warehouses and a fleet to support cold chain storage and distribution for Saudi Arabia’s healthcare sector. NAQEL has developed its international network to fulfil the pharmaceutical freight requirements of global manufacturers.


NAQEL is currently working with various authorities in the defence sector and offering a wide range of specialised logistics solutions.

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