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Altaaqa committed to deliver total utility solutions

As an environmentally responsible provider of electrical power, water, and temperature control solutions, Altaaqa says it is uniquely positioned to meet the needs of all the booming economic sectors of Saudi Arabia

ALTAAQA Alternative Solutions Company is Saudi Arabia’s leading provider of total utility solutions, covering the entire kingdom and executing custom-tailored and turnkey projects for water, energy (with an unparalleled 1.2 GW power capacity) and temperature control.

It is the largest provider of temporary energy solutions in Saudi Arabia serving the nation through seven strategically located branches.

Altaaqa was established in 2004 as a subsidiary of the Zahid Group of companies to provide solutions for Saudi’s energy and utility industries. The company capitalised on Zahid Group’s close to 60-year partnership with Caterpillar, a world-leading provider of power systems, and its long standing experience in rental activities to establish a one-stop-shop that meets temporary to long-term power, water and temperature control demands.

As an environmentally responsible provider of electrical power, water, and temperature control solutions; Altaaqa is uniquely positioned to meet the needs of all the kingdom’s booming economic sectors: real estate, construction, hospitality, oil and petrochemicals, commercial and infrastructure development.

“Our success comes from solid partnership with international and world leading partners,” says a company spokesperson.

Altaaqa has established a partnership with Seven Seas Water to provide its clients with turnkey water solutions. “Altaaqa-Seven Seas Water joint venture offers fast, affordable and reliable solutions for water resource management. These solutions are designed to directly address inefficiencies in water resourcing and provide alternative water supplies for municipal, industrial and commercial organisations. We provide performance guarantees, backed by careful risk mitigation analysis,” he adds.

In addition, Altaaqa has partnered with Johnson Controls to provide temperature control solutions. Altaaqa-Johnson Controls design and deploy cost-effective and time-saving systems appropriate to each work space. These solutions are backed by scheduled maintenance shutdowns and temporary cooling solutions to supplement existing capacities during high-temperature seasons, special events and emergencies.

Altaaqa aims to be pioneer in every field, and that also includes solar energy systems. The company says it has adopted the solar photovoltaics (PV) method, which uses solar panels with photovoltaic cells to convert sunlight into electricity.  

“To our customers, Altaaqa brings an unparalleled track record of total utility solutions for the kingdom, a seasoned workforce, and a strong enduring partnerships with leading quality suppliers from around the world. This allows Altaaqa to deliver projects on time, within budget, and to the highest global standards and practices. Our teams of experts are providing and managing energy solutions in record time to the kingdom’s new economic and industrial cities and other major projects across the country, utilising a comprehensive range of energy generating tools adapted to capacity requirements.”

“Our sustained success has been underpinned by our core values of integrity, professionalism, excellence, competence, commitment, leadership and responsibility. These ideals are directly ingrained in our operations and services allowing Altaaqa to continuously exceed client expectations,” it says.

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